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Eli Jo

Actor | Model

Eli Jo was born and raised in Bismarck, North Dakota with a love for entertainment. After years of choir, dance, theatre, and modeling in high school, she moved to Orlando, Florida and received a Bachelor's of Science in film production. 


In March 2018 she moved to Atlanta, GA, where she has been working and training as an actor since. 

Nights Of Cecelia [Dramatic] 
Losing love, heartbreak
Table Manners [Dramatic]
Loving housewife
Sim Racer [Dramatic] 
Girl next door, Flirty 
Pyscho [Comedy] 
Tease, Best Friend
Center Stage [Dramatic]
Fighting for love, relationship
Privilege [Dramatic] 
Argument, Upset, Couple
Green [Dramatic] 
Argument, Catty Fight
Room Tone [Dramatic] 
Theatre girl, popular
Privilege [Dramatic] 
Breakup, heartbreak 
No Return [Dramatic] 
Angry roommate, Betrayed
Knuckies [Commercial] 
B-roll, Food Commercial
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